Whether you are hosting a formal event or casual gathering, Clarion Hotel President event and function rooms set the stage for high-profile conferences and unforgettable celebrations in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

The Clarion Hotel President can accommodate groups of up to 500 guests, with our unique venues and spaces offer breathtaking views of Chennai City, the Downtown Chennai, Chennai Cityscape & the scenic Marina Beach.

Capacity Chart

Venues at Clarion Hotel President Include:

Pearl Hall: This is our most prestigious venue offering you the biggest hall in the Hotel that can accommodate up to 500 members. Most suitable for weddings, receptions and all kinds of large scale events of both personal and professional nature. Weddings, get-togethers, conferences, corporate events and what not.

President Lounge: This is our exclusive hall offering you a venue that can accommodate up to 100 members. Most suitable for conferences, meetings, family events and any occasion where a moderate audience is expected.

President Board Room: This is our professional room capable of offering you an interactive environment that can accommodate 20 participants at once.

President Conference Room: It is our exclusive Conference Room having all modern-day facilities of the Hotel accommodating about 60 members at a single time. Best suited for corporate meetings and professional get-togethers.

Raina – Swimming Pool: Be creative and use this special area to design a fun filled event that can accommodate up to 150 people at a single time. The best place to enjoy a soothing evening breeze, scenic view of Marina Beach and a perfect food served by our hotel. You will have fun while you party as the atmosphere created at the sight is extremely amusing.