Where the Coffee is freshly brewed

Practically, every home in Chennai starts their day with a prayer and a cup of the sacrosanct filter coffee.

Twenty-Fifth Hour at Clarion Hotel President pays tribute to this highly venerated brew and every sentiment that belongs to this blessed caffeinated city of Chennai. As a connoisseur of this exalted beverage, the Barista at the Hotel understands the responsibility of creating the perfect mocha experience every day. Right from choosing the perfect mix of beans to getting the exact crimson brown texture when ground and extracting the rich decoction to serve you authentic Madras Filter Coffee... serious devotion defines the art of brewing this rich tasting and aromatic drink at the Hotel.

Served in the quintessential brass dabara-tumbler with a hint of savoury and a dash of sweet, the freshly ground and traditionally brewed beverage is a superlative experience that’s sure to have you asking for an extra cup.

Any wonder, that the Coffee served here has been a favourite of renowned personalities for over four decades? From the Former Chief Minister (Late) M.G. Ramachandran to the present-day celebrities, political leaders and film stars, the signature Madras Filter Coffee continues to be a preferred favourite here.


Open Daily: 7:00am – 6:00pm